Lagna Yog Yantra

Yantra to get married quickly

Distance Education

No Entrance Exam
No Merit List
No Donation
100 % Gob Guarantee (within 30 days of admission)
Admissions Open


Addictions, Personal performance, Men's issues, Women's issues, Sleep problems, Fears and phobias, Sports hypnosis, Health problems, Relationships, Personal development,
Anxiety and stress, Creative relaxation, Confidence issues, Weight loss

Internet Income Course Guide

>250 Pages with free affiliation links
PDF format
@ Rs. 2500/- Only
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Sauna Belt

sharab chudaneka yantra

Naturopathy Treatments

Treatment of >435 Problems

without any side effect

Each treatment guidance @ Rs. 250/- Only

Slim fit Garment

Pati Vashikaran Yantra

Vashikaran Yantra

Weight Reduction Treatment

Aakarshan Yantra

Nicer Dicer

Price:Rs 1990/-
Offer Price: Rs 1290/-
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Women Sex Calendar

Safe Sex dates (no pregnancy)
Dates of Sex for pregnancy
Dates of Sex for Boy child
Dates of Sex for Girl child

Videsh Yog Yantra

Dating Club


Friend Circle

Free Enrollment for

23 Dating Clubs


Sade Sati NivaranYantra

Kaal Sarp Yog Yantra

Sex education guide

The complete sex education starting from male/female anatomy, Male/Female G-spot,  Analingus, Cunnilingus, Fellatio, foreplay & stimulation, Sex related medical problems, His & Her Erogenous Zones, Masturbation,  right up Positions & Toys

Mahamrityunjaya Kawach

Nazar Raksha Yantra

Horoscope of person or Business

With Sade Sati Dates of Normal Panoti, Medium Panoti and Hard Panoti

And 100 years Predictions  

We also make Horoscope Matching
of Persons or Business

400 Refreshing Punch Recipes

Pitru dosh nivaran yantra

Nokri Yantra

Lottery Vijay Yantra

Gambling Yantra

Putra Prapti Yantra


Casino Software on C.D.
@ Rs. 500/- Only

With FREE Desktop Strippers
Auto updating
new models every 5 days

Play for Free for Time pass or Play with Real money to Earn

Kameshwari Yantra

Fat Reduction Treatment

Fat reduction of specific part of the body just by massage

Stri Vashikaran Yantra

Attract/Controll the female you want

Breast Enlargement Treatment

The attraction of any female starts from her Breasts

Numerology report of Person or Business

We also make

Numerology Matching of Person or Business

Based on Principles of the great scientist Pythagoras

Name advisor @ Rs. 100/- Only

Kaamdev Yantra

Yantra to increase sex and
solve your sex problems

Prem utpanna karnarey Yantra

Yantra to induce Love

Organic Secrets Gardening Guide

Purush Vashikaran Yantra

Yantra to Attract/Contoll Males


Free Enrollment

from one single place in

5 Online Matrimonial Websites

300 Chicken recipes

Manovanchit putri/stri prapti Yantra

Yantra to get a girl child

How to make perfect wines & spirits from home

Weight Gain Treatment

Increase 2-5 Kg per month

shatru nashak silver

101 egg recipes

Turning their trash into your profits

101 Camping & Outdoor recipes

Court kacheri me jitneka yantra

Yantra to solve your Court and Govt. office problems

How to stop your Depression now

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