Pitridosh nivaran Yantra

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Proper pooja pathh is very important in the case of appeasing our dead forefather or ancestors who have not achieve Moksha. It is beleieve that the afflicted person can face the problem of evil eye. Moreover, it is said that there will no male children born in your family. In this regard, the continous worshipping of Pitridosh nivaran Yantra can helps to remove the mentioned problems. As well as the devotee can attain peace in life

What is pitri/pitru doh: This yoga is formed when Rahu and Ketu are with any of the Luminaries and are placed in the 6th, 8th and the 12th house. Many a times, this yoga is also formed in the 5th house and if other planets do not show any beneficial aspects, this yoga does not allow a person to progress at all. There can be hospital stay and / or confinement. It is said that Lord shirk Ramah had a pitru Dosha, As he had Saturn in 4th house while Suryadev in 10th House. (Opposite each other) Regarding Pitru Dosha, Jyotish Ratnaker, Bhav Manjri, Brahad Jatakam, Chintamani, and Parasar Mooni Hora Shastra - Under mentioned is the quote as per BPHS as per sholka 27th Langna pancham Bhav Vastha Bhanu/Bhom/Sanicharay Radhre ri - ke Rahu Jivo Pitru shapat Suta Sharya - Meaning 5th House, has Surya/Sanidev/Mars all are present or 8th and 12th house has Presence of Guru/Rahu to gether, than it is considered as As Pitru Dosha Apart from these there is quite a few methods to verify about As Pitru Dosha probably Person can write a book about it - above is few examples. Any Astrologer should examine the Horoscope (Kundli) in detail before predicting As Pitru Dosha - as per example if Suryadev / Moon and Guru is together in one house than Effect of As Pitru dosha automatically diminishes. (Nust Bhanga) or say it no longer Pitru Dosha Remedies: Prayer Minimum 11 (Eleven) times. As mentioned below. Om Hreem Suryaye Namah or Om Ram Ravaye Namah OR Pray with one Diva (Small light) and Chant Om Mata pitaye Namah. These prayers are simple and cheapest way for Dosha Nivarana. - Although costly method are there but I prefer the Prayers 

Since we enjoy the wealth, name and fame earned by our ancestors we are equally liable to suffer their misdeeds too. The dosh created as a result of the bad deeds of our ancestors is paitrik- dosh or pitra-rin or pitra-shrap. Even in the legal system we are held responsible for the debts of our forefathers similarly in astrology too we have to pay their debts. Brahat parashar gives 14 kinds of pitra-shrap, Mantreshwar in phal deepika says that rahu in the 5th creates pishach-badha, Gopal Ratnakar calls it sarp-shrap. In the traditional vedic astrology Rahu is considered the main cause of these dosh .

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