Putri Prapti Yantra


Laminated Copper Manovanchit Kanya Prapti yantra
silver plated

Yantra to have a baby / aapatya, to fight with Progony, Have desired Baby & Predetermine the sex of baby legally: Putri Prapti Yantra

This Yantra is very useful for getting a girl child / Kanya and a safe progeny. The Yantra blessed the couple with a beautiful and intelligent girl child / Kanya and increase love between them. Some persons are devoid of girl children and try hard to have an issue. For this purpose Putri Prapti Yantra is miraculous. All your prayers for a girl child and progeny would be answered through this Energized Yantra. This Yantra gives a girl child / Kanya who is meritorious and long living.

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