General Features :

  • Lose weight and ease muscle pain Best suited for abdomen, waist, back and hips Adjustable temperature to enhance metabolism Helps flush out toxins.
  • Portable and comfortable to use everywhere
  • The Amazing BRAND NEW Sauna Belt - helps you to sweat away unwanted fat, eliminate cellulite, lose weight and ease muscle pain all while sitting in the comfort of your own home.
  • The Sauna Solution focuses the sauna heat on the most problematic body parts to help flush out and eliminate toxins.
  • This portable sauna is great for the abdomen, waist, back & hips.
  • To use just apply the Sauna Belt around the chosen body part and let the belt do all the work.
  • It will stay firmly in place with the secure Velcro attachment.
  • After using the Sauna Belt, your metabolism will be enhanced and the pounds will just melt away.
    The Sauna Belt pack contents:
  • Flexible sauna belt available in one size (fits all) with secure Velcro fastener Multi Level Remote Control,
  • Instruction guide Diet guide
  • Tape measure
  • Instructions for Use: Strap the Sauna Belt around the chosen body part (abdomen, waist or hips). The Sauna Belt should completely surround your body without getting creased, doubled over or folded.
  • Do not strap the Sauna Belt on too tightly to achieve the sauna effect.
  • Check to see if your supplied mains voltage is the same as that printed on the plug before plugging the device in.
  • Make sure the temperature regulator is switched OFF.
  • Plug the Sauna Belt into the mains.
  • Turn the dial on the temperature regulator to the Maximum position so the device heats up quickly.
  • At the end of the session, towel off the sweat and wait 15 or 20 minutes before showering or having a bath, eating or drinking cold drinks.
  • Do not worry if your skin turns reddish as this would be due to the constant temperature it has been exposed to and will disappear after a couple of hours.
  • Once you have finished your session, take off the Sauna Belt and spread it out on a flat surface until it cools down.
  • Then clean it with a damp cloth and dry it. Store in a dry place.
  • Caution: Do not use Sauna Belt if you are pregnant or during your period.
  • Sauna Belt is not a medical product. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you are uncertain whether you can use this product, please consult your


    in 1 Slimming Belt - Magnetic + Vibra + Sauna With Remote As Seen On TV
  • Flexible Magnetic & Vibrating Sauna Belt In One Size Fits. All With Secure Velcro Closure
  • Adjustable Heat Regulator Built In. To Power Cord
  • Instruction Booklet And Diet Plan. Tape Measure
  • Magnet therapy : improves blood circulation, thereby avoiding


  • Sweats away unwanted fat. Magnetic & Vibrating
  • You can lose weight and ease muscle pain while sitting in your own homes.
  • Great for abdomen, waist, back and hips. Improves circulatory system of body. Helps maintain health and tender skin
  • Eliminates superfluous fat and beautifies figure. Accessories: food plan, manual book .


  • Massage therapy - the massage ball consists of motor by which circular vibrations are generated which reduce fat from Tummy, Hips, Thighs and Buttocks or Any other place
  • The Magnetic Therapy improves Blood circulation thereby avoiding clotting and removing excess of calcium, cholesterol and impurities from Veins
  • Acupressure Therapy - This is the Chinese method to relieve body pain. When pressure is applied on areas of pain, it will simulate the energy flow and Vital Organs in the Areas experiencing pain will become free from energy providing treatment relief
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