An Intro to Yantras

Yantras are the Astro-remedies or you can say the astrological machines that are used to attract the specific positive energies from the cosmos, i.e. to remove the negative influences and increase the positive influences of the of planets/stars. Yantras influence our mind, body and the environment around us, in which we are living.

As everything in the universe is made of energy. The cosmos is the biggest source of this energy and the planets are the biggest bodies that cause this energy disturbance. If you are doing something that means you are attracting a certain type of energy. But if you are getting difficulties in something it means that you are not attracting the like energies. In Hindu religion the different cosmos energies / powers are worshiped in the form of different Deities or God/Goddess. In our ancient Indian Vedic science, there are some special sound's vibrations to control and concentrate these Cosmic Energies, we called them Mantras, and the geometrical shapes of these Mantras (special sounds) are called Yantras.

What are the Yantras?

So for the benefits of an ordinary person the geometrical shape was given to these mantras, along with some colors in case of Tantra Shastra and Numbers representing the deities/planets etc./their frequencies etc. and are called Yantras. It is drawn on a piece (plate) of silver, copper or Panchdhatu (A mixture of five metals) or paper in Tantra Shastra etc. A Yantra can be drawn by anybody but it is fruitful only when energized by its Beej Mantra (i.e. the Mantra by which the Yantra is drawn) by a "Mantra or Tantra Shastra Specialist" at an auspicious day and time and followed the prescribed steps and rituals exactly. The Yantra is worn by the person or kept in worship etc. The Yantra hence becomes the medium through which the invisible forces of energy act on an individual. Yantras are very useful for the peoples, who cannot chant the Mantras and want to take the benefits of Mantra's powers. They can be used by any person belong to any religions or community. An energized Yantra always reflect the power of particular mantra around the user and influences the mind, body and soul towards the specific goal.

What are the Mantras?

Mantras are the special sounds of some words from Sanskrit language that generate the vibrations / frequencies in the form of concentrated energy. They are used to control nature in one's own interest through the five basic elements-earth, water, fire, sky and air. Different Mantras represent the different cosmic powers (i.e. we called it Deities or God/Goddess), and give us the different results. The chanting a mantra is a very difficult process as there are many prescribed steps and rituals that have to be followed exactly. It is a very typical work and it needs a lot of concentration, will power, special voice modulations in a specific volume, frequency and resonance, the very good command over Sanskrit language, correct pronunciations, an ideal environment and a very strong spiritual and meditative personality (Yogi) as well as many other rules and regulations. An ordinary person cannot follow these prescribed steps and rituals. If someone chants a mantra in a wrong way then he/she may have the negative or different as per his pronunciation effects.

The process of Pranapratishtha (Energizing)

Yantras are the geometrical form of Mantras. They can be drawn by anybody but they are fruitful only when the energy of Beej Mantra (i.e. the Mantra by which the Yantra is drawn) is given to that Yantra. The energy is given by a "Mantra Specialist" by chanting the Beej Mantra relative times at an auspicious day and time by following the prescribed steps and rituals exactly. This lengthy process is called Pranapratishtha (roughly meaning- Energizing, the actual meaning of this Sanskrit word cannot be describe in English). Without Pranapratishtha the Yantras are just the metal or paper pieces. This energy is absorbed from the cosmos through its Beej Mantra. If this energy of mantra is given to a Yantra in a proper way, it remains within it for a long time.


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