Saraswati Yantra Plus



The powerful and complete  solution for success in education, intelligence and speech.

The combine effect of all these  Yantras blessed the user with  success in examinations and  concentration in study. It also  helps to increase intelligence,  memory and grasping power.

This Complete Saraswati Yantra has all the Yantras, which are  used to appease Goddess Saraswati- The Goddess of education,  intelligence and speech/music.

This Yantra consists of Saraswati yantra as the main and these  other 12 helpful Yantras:-
Other Helpful Yantras of Saraswati yantra: Gayatri Yantra, Surya Yantra, Chandra  Yantra, Mangal Yantra, Budha Yantra, Guru Yantra, Shukra   Yantra, Shani Yantra, Rahu Yantra, Ketu Yantra, Geeta Yantra &   Nav Durga Yantra

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